Why should I use Alphr?
Alphr gives cryptocurrency investors and traders a new way to leverage the expertise and insights of some of the best performing DEX (decentralized) traders through its mirror trading platform — allowing anybody to put their idle capital to work using some of the most successful strategies around.
What problem is Alphr solving?
Reducing uninformed trading decisions by giving optics over transactions that are occurring on the blockchain and being able replicate successful trades easily and automatically. Together with reducing fees through automated mirror pool trading options. Alphr does this in a compelling way by visualizing the blockchain and bringing a social element to crypto trading.
Who are Alphr's partners?
Alphr investors include Master ventures, Spark digital capital, AU21, GD10 ventures, Paid,, Dao Maker, Twin apex and Raptor capital.
Where can I find the Alphr roadmap?
Now that Alphr’s platform is live a roadmap will be updated each week in the weekly report. You can check our most recent published weekly report to read up on completed, next and future features and development:
Where can I purchase the $Alphr token? From Uniswap and
Future exchange listings will be announced in due time.
Is there a product video?
Yes the following product video is a brief overview and walkthrough of how the Alphr platform will work:
How do I use Alphr?
You can check out our detailed how-to's on how to use Alphr.
Is there a cost to use Alphr?
The Alphr platform is free to view.
When trading on the platform the following fees are charged:
  • 0.2% transaction fee
  • 10%(on profit) charged to any auto-mirrored pools
Where are my funds stored? In your own wallet. Trades will be facilitated and pooled through the Alphr platform only.
What are Alphrs official accounts?
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