Alphr Governance
Alphr will operate under a DAO structure also known as a decentralized autonomous organization. This new way to organize capital and talent towards a goal in our view will supersede corporations this century as the dominant force in capitalism.
At Alphr we strongly believe DAOs are the future of large enterprises and that they eliminate many inefficiencies of corporations. Whilst the industry is still nascent and there are many kinks that still need working out, particularly around over governance and stagnation, we’re extremely bullish on DAOs, we think that some of the largest employers in the world in 10-20 years will be DAOs.
To operate within our DAO structure Alphr token holders will have two important contributions they can make:
  1. 1.
    Create proposals that can be submitted to the DAO to make changes or build out new ideas for Alphr
  2. 2.
    Vote on changes to be made and use their token holdings to effectively make change
Below are the guiding instructions for you to (1) create a proposal for Alphr and (2) vote on a proposal.
Process for creating a proposal
To suggest a formal proposal to Alphr we encourage our users to follow the below template:
  1. 1.
    Start the conversation in our discord under the ‘governance’ channel:
  2. 2.
    Engage with the community for at least three days in order to have a good discussion and get feedback to sharpen your proposal
  3. 3.
    If the feedback from your proposed idea is supported please visit the snapshot link to formally post your final proposal
  4. 4.
    Leave the voting open for at least two days
  5. 5.
    Note: you will need a sufficient amount of tokens to successfully propose your idea. This token amount is:10,000 $alphr (0.1% of supply)
Proposal template *When writing your formal proposal in the snapshot you can follow the below framework:
Summary: A simple description of the proposal's end result and desired change. This should be no more than a few succinct sentences.
  • Background: Provide context to the problem your proposal wishes to address or to the area of the protocol you intend to improve.
  • Abstract: Clearly describe how the proposal wishes to change/improve the protocol.
  • Motivation: Explain why this proposal is necessary or useful for the protocol.
  • Specification of the work: detail what work is required to bring this proposal to life.
  • Timeline: give an indicative timeline to see the proposal completed.
  • Payment: indicate how much this proposal will cost to be completed.
For: Illustrate in one or two sentences what this position supports
Against: Illustrate in one or two sentences what this position supports
Voting on proposals Alphr token holders are invited to be involved in the decisions making for the company by voting on all proposals put forward to the DAO. All proposals will be hosted on Alphr’s snapshot site and promoted through Alphr’s social channels./
To vote please follow the below steps:
1. Simply click this link and visit the snapshot (voting site): dao.eth
2. In the top right-hand corner you will see a button that says 'connect wallet' (to verify your Alphr holdings)
3. Be sure you have that wallet integration installed on your browser.
4. Connect your wallet and begin voting with your $alphr holdings.
We want to become a DAO to be a superpower for Alphr as such we propose the following structure:
1) Alphr Labs Alphr Labs has been approved to cover the core team's salary cost and expenses every $100k it increases. This will enable the core team to onboard talent and cover salary costs without needing to vote for every tiny expense, this optimizes for speed.
For example, currently our burn rate is around $75k, therefore we will put forward a vote that we will be able to transfer out of the DAO on the 1st of every month up to $100k. If our expenses and burn rate exceed $100k then we will outline how and why these have increased and put forward a proposal and vote for this to increase to $200k etc. So on and so forth. This is how the core development team will stay agile and aggressive whilst living within the DAO structure and being accountable to token holders.
2) Grants and mercenaries The core team is full-time, anyone can apply to join the core team by submitting a proposal. In addition to this anyone can apply for funding from the DAO for one-off tasks, also on occasion Alphr labs will list tasks with specific amounts of Alphr tied to them as a proposal, then once passed anyone from the community can jump in and work on. This type of one-off work has become prevalent in DAOs and it’s an exciting way to grow quickly, we will be leveraging this as much as possible going forward.
3) Employment by DAO
For formal DAO applications visit our google form to submit your employment proposal.
We welcome all skillsets from:
  • Front end development
  • Smart contract development
  • Marketing
  • Community management
  • Content creation
  • Partnerships and integrations
  • Management and operations
  • Treasury
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