For many years on-chain data was limited to whales withdrawing and depositing to and from centralized exchanges. Whilst this could be a good indicator for short term ETH and BTC price movements it wasn’t nearly the treasure trove of alpha that it is today.
All the big funds are now using on-chain discovery tools and teams of researchers to track the activity of certain wallets on-chain in order to inform their strategies.
It’s truly a beautiful thing, how one building block or event in DeFi creates an opportunity for another to exist. For Alphr that building block was Uniswap and the event was DeFi summer when the volumes on DEXs surged over 10x.
As the best traders in the world start to trade on DEXs this makes all of their trades transparent and available on chain.This means that it is now possible to see who, for example, is the best performing WBTC trader in the last 90 days on Uniswap. You can then use that information to buy and sell WBTC when that trader does. Alphr finds the most reliable and best traders and allows you to do that automatically using AMT (Automated Mirror Trading)
With the invention of the DEX, the future of copy trading is undoubtedly centered around transparent trading on-chain with capital flowing behind the actual best performers. Blockchain and Dexes enabled Alphr to exist, never before has anyone been able to identify the actual best traders in the world, because all the trades occur in a closed loop ecosystem.
Alphr turns the top performing wallets that have ever traded on Uniswap (and soon to be all DEXs on all major chains) into automated mirror trading pools. You can see the pool’s return since inception, AUM, profit, number of participants and past performance on Alphr’s homepage:
With the explosion of DeFi your wallet has quietly become your social identity on chain. Discovering other wallets and seeing which new platforms they are trading/farming on, and which tokens they are buying and when, is becoming an important part of crypto trading.
At the moment the alpha traders of crypto are making incredible gains. Alphr helps the common crypto trader share in these gains by opening up opportunities to follow the same trades as the best in the game. Our platform does this all while continuing to stand by Defi’s fundamental values of anonymity, decentralization, low barriers of entry, trustlessness, and censorship resistance.
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