Key Features

The key features that differentiate Alphr from other mirror trading platforms are:

  1. Your wallet as a social profile: Your wallet is your on-chain identity; Alphr makes it into a social profile. Every ETH wallet that trades on Uniswap already has a profile automatically generated from their trades.

  2. Visualize the Blockchain in a whole new way: Follow wallets and see a feed of their recent transactions, so you can manually mirror trades of your choosing in one click.

  3. Automated Mirror Trading (AMT): Create an automated mirror pool to automatically copy any wallet.

  4. ALPHR protocol fees: 75% of protocol fees are redistributed to Alphr users providing liquidity on Uniswap in exchange for the service they are providing to the protocol. 25% of the protocol fees are sent to the community development fund, to fund future development of the protocol.

  5. Risk score: Each wallet address has its own risk score based on their trading history, enabling users to make quicker and smarter decisions about which wallets to mirror.

  6. User Incentives: Every time a user’s trade is copied, they earn ALPHR tokens. Even if a user hasn’t claimed their Alphr profile yet they are earning rewards when being mirrored.

  7. Save gas fees: Automated mirror pools route funds together in a single transaction, saving users gas fees.

  8. Cross chain: Starting with Uniswap and Ethereum, but soon users will be able to mirror trades on BSC, Polkadot and more